NOT just an Old Bird

Why did I paint an ostrich?  Hee! I don't have any neat story about it. It just came to me before the Holidays, and it came out so fast!  I wanted to know why, so I began reading about the funny birds!  One of the things I read is that if an ostrich comes into your life, it means you're ready to "clean house"- HA! I'm not really into spirit animals and superstitions but I DID get the urge to finally clean my attic and basement as I am terrible about holding on to things I think I may need later!  I have also been known to hold on to worries and nonsense that kept me from being my best- which I will come back to after this important announcement:  IT'S MY BIRTHDAY MONTH!

    So here it is- another number change...that's what I keep telling myself it is!  I'm blessed to say I've had another healthy, happy year.  I HAVE felt a little older this year though!  It happens!   Several years ago, I prayed that I wouldn't struggle terribly with aging, that I would instead, use the energy I could spend on fretting about it with something else that God had chosen for me to do.  I fully believe He has a plan for each one of us- something He gives to us to use to live our lives here on earth with ABUNDANCE and JOY.  I now see I spent alot of time and useless energy worrying about things which kept me from really living in that Abundance. I was a Christian, but wasn't growing nor leaning on Him like He'd intended.  My art is His gift to me- and He is the ultimate artist!  It gives me a creative outlet / therapy if you will (we all need good therapy- I have a Senior graduating for goodness sake!), and it allows me to express and share my heart and belief with others.  It is also a gift to me that others actually want a piece of  what my heart and hands make! I am humbled and thankful to you all for your support!   I say all of this to encourage you, my friend.  If you have stayed with me reading this, then I hope that you have decided, like I did, to Live your Best Life that God has planned for you.  "Clean out your Head" of negative thoughts and worries and feed your soul with God's promises and His goodness. Life still happens, but leaning on Him makes the bumps (and 'Number Changes') alot easier to handle! So, excuse me!  I'm NOT a middle-aged old bird, I'm a child of the King, and I will go on painting like one too.   xoxo andE        

OH!  And because it's my birthday, I want to celebrate with you by offering 20% off of all art on my website through the end of the month!  Just use the code "HappyBirthday" in checkout!   - Gotta "Clean Out" and make room for new work!    I'm offering this on my work at Haus Werk in Little Rock too- tell them I told you!    


  • Mary Davis

    I so enjoyed reading this post this morning. It spoke to me just like my daily devotionals. I love how you are approaching this “number change”. I love your work and thank you for sharing with all of us!!

  • Kristi

    I loved reading this! I love hearing about what God is doing in people’s lives. Happy Birthday!

  • Kathy T. Skinner

    I love you! I love our daily friendship and encouragement of each other ! Happy Birthday, ya old bird!

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